I spent 12 years at M&G as part of their Document ProductionTeam. Responsibilities included fund reports for M&G and Prudential, factsheets and MFRs, rebrands of materials for marketing, and multiple bespoke reports for other sectors of the business.

Result Marketing

Almost five years at Result, as a client-facing studio manager. During this time I had between six and fifteen staff, and worked with FMCG accounts including Morrisons, Powerhouse, Comet and Focus. This covered everything from POS and web to national press and door-drop.



Conceptualising artworker for a design studio specialising in interior design, special vessels, and office space management and design. Projects included signage, visualisation, brand identity creation, and internal and external multimedia presentations.

Others / freelance


I have also held positions as a copywriter in a creative team, and many different clients for freelance work - BTL, TTL, B2B and digital. Some of the accounts I worked on are shown above, but there are too many to be listed in full - ask me for details.

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